Thursday, September 29, 2011

Drawing Schdule

Well sense the school has dropped me I'm going to need a new way to continue my art. I have the programs I need, all I need is a set lesson plan. I'm trying to think of classes that would be useful when I do go back to school. I'm right now considering a background painting 'class', drawing from life (I was supposed to be taking anyway) and maybe a figure drawing class. (yay random mall outings to watch people! lol) If anyone has any ideas they are appreciated. Also any links to backgrounds that you like feel free to post here! Once I get some work coming a long I might post some here.

My dearly beloved has been through more classes along the same route as I am taking so I at least have some guidance. She's going to be showing me and walking me through the skills I need to learn as well as giving me tips and pointers. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Looking for work

Well I am new to this blogging thing so guess it just kinda works like an online journal. From time to time I will be posting wip as well as some serious art topics along with whatever floats my boat.

I am currently open for commissions and am looking for any work. Hoping for some sort of project but eh either way.

Feel free to check out my work here.

If you have any ideas or topics you want to see here feel free to just let me know.